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Franz Meier has been an investor and visitor of Costa Rica for 20 years, and lives in “Baden-Baden”, a residential enclave on the road to Finca Marenal, just minutes from Nuevo Arenal.


He has decades of experience in the hospitality field, in resort development and operations, and in project design and construction.

In his earlier life, he owned several restaurants, managed a hotel, and owned a commercial real estate company. In his last enterprise, he owned a manufacturing plant producing 3D panels for telecom shelters, mining applications, and general home construction. Franz held designations as a Certified Club Manager (CCM) and Certified Hotel Manager (CHM). He founded the South Carolina chapter of “La Chaine des Rotisseur”, one of the world’s oldest and most renown food and wine societies. He was recognized as “Restaurateur of the Year” and received many other rewards for his work in the food and beverage industry. 

Franz has always been an astute observer of the economic and the political scene. Fortunately, he recognized early on, that the United States was moving in the wrong direction, and the steady loss of our personal liberties and the obscene growth of the national debt made a "Plan B", a wise move. When it became clear to him that a change in direction was unlikely, he activated his Plan B and moved to Costa Rica.

Franz never regretted his move to this peaceful nation without an army, with a comfortable climate,  and with a happy population that teaches you "Pura Vida"!


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