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Our Developement Plan for Finca Marenal

Finca Marenal consists of approximately 21.64 ha (53 acres) of residential areas, forest, and farmland. We have a very productive well of superb water quality. 

We have also set aside three roadside properties for dedicated uses: 

(see Finca map below)

  • ​C-3 is reserved for Employee  and Intern Housing

  • C-4 is a great location for a Small Store and Coffee Shop 

  • C-5 is a 4-acre lot set aside for a Wellness Center and Medical Offices to serve the community and its neighbors. It may also include a Conference Center and Accommodations for medical guests and tourists.

Marenal Map 12.4.jpg

The Master Plan includes: 


  • An Aquaponic Center 

  • A Tree and Flower Nursery 

  • Our Medicinal Herb Garden 

  • Permaculture Gardens

  • Bees and Honey Production

  • The Central Farm Pond 

  •  Flowering fruit trees and native tree species

  •  A Member Pavilion 

  • Rebuilding the Farmers Cottage 

  • Constructing a Guardhouse 

  • Building several Animal Shelters 

  • Completing our Farm Roads and Walking Trails 


Investment opportunities in Marenal are also available.


Please contact us for more information.

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