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"We sell more than property!"

 Vendemos mas que lots!"


The Residences in this evergreen tropical setting will be surrounded by flowers and fruit-bearing trees. Shopping, dining, and schools are only minutes by car. We offer 2-, 3-, and 4- bedroom residences, which are designed to be fully energy independent. 


Home prices for the two bedroom home begin at $150,000  depending on design options.

Our farm, Finca Marenal provides all types of activities for a healthy lifestyle. There will be an abundance of fresh produce, flowers, medicinal herbs, and much more. The farm will nourish our residents and sell its excess products directly to the community and at farmer's markets. ​

Our farming community will have great opportunities for social interaction and activities. Our interests shall hopefully extend to educational endeavors and research of the natural world. Physical and mental health are important objectives of our community.


As you may imagine, a newcomer to the country has many questions and concerns. Just finding your way around in a new country and its unfamiliar environment, especially if one does not speak the language, can be a daunting task. 


We are here to help you in setting up banking relations, recommending architects and contractors, assist you in getting construction permits and becoming familiar with local laws and customs, or obtaining Costa Rican residency. In short, we make it easy for you to integrate into the country and the local community. 


If this appeals to you and you are serious about making a lifestyle change


Fill out our contact form today! 


 You have absolutely nothing to lose! 

"We sell more than property!"

 Vendemos mas que lots!"

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