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First, a Little History


My name is Franz Meier. More than 20 years ago I left  Charleston, South Carolina to visit Costa Rica. I traveled to many parts of the country, but when I saw Lake Arenal, I knew I had arrived at the place where I eventually wanted to live. In the year 2000, I purchased a home and my farm in Nuevo Arenal, I call Finca Marenal. 


Over the years I realized that Finca Marenal was just too beautiful for raising cattle and that it could be a perfect site for  a special community. Therefore, I divided the property into Marenal, our Sustainable Community, and Finca Marenal, our organic farm. 

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To learn more about Franz Meier          please click here

Vision and Mission


For many years it has been my plan to create an ecologically sensitive, interactive, and profitable “Sustainable Community."


I envisioned a community that provides its own sources of energy, nourishment, recreation, and economic opportunities.


A Sustainable Eco Community that attracts like-minded residents who want to build life-enhancing and enduring relationships between their neighbors and the land, that will benefit both the community and the local economy.

We are now ready to sell the limited number of lots still available in Marenal, and to accept as residents individuals and families who want to live with neighbors who respect personal freedom, abhor war and violence, and enjoy life in a self-sufficient community.


My personal goal is to continue contributing my knowledge and life experiences while enjoying the sunset of my life.


I hope you will join me on this exciting journey!

Here is to Liberty and Peace in the World,

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If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us.

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