First, a little History


My name is Franz Meier. More than 20 years ago, I left  Charleston, South Carolina to visit Costa Rica. I traveled to many parts of the country, but when I saw Lake Arenal, I knew I had arrived at the place where I eventually wanted to live.. In the year 2000, I purchased a home here and the farm on National Road 143 in Nuevo Arenal, I call Finca Marenal. 


I know my decision to live in Costa Rica and to develop Marenal into a sustainable community was the right one. However, when the years passed and circumstances beyond my control delayed my progress, I realized that the time has come to share the ownership of this beautiful property and all its exciting potential with like-minded people.


Review this website carefully and if you believe that my concept could be right for you, please get in touch with me through our contact page for more information.


Here is to Peace and Liberty,  

About Marenal


Finca Marenal’s 32 hectares (79 acres) of forest, pasture, and farmland slope gently towards Lake Arenal. A valley divides the property into roadside and interior sections, making it suitable as a farm, as well as for residential and commercial development.


This versatile property, with views of Lake Arenal and the Arenal and Tenorio Volcanos, is conveniently located just an hour and a half drive from the Liberia Airport and a two-hour drive from the beaches of Guanacaste.

Marenal is centrally situated on the northern shore of the lake, overlooking the town of Nuevo Arenal. It is a part of Barrio San Antonio, just two kilometers from Nuevo Arenal on National Road 143, the main road to San Rafael de Guatuso. Our location is approximately 100 meters (330 ft) above the lake. 


In this evergreen area, our temperatures rarely fall at night below 19 degrees Celsius (66 F) or exceed 29 C (83 F) during the day. We have moderate rainfall year-round and sometimes experience heavier precipitation during our rainy season: but we don't have extended dry spells with high heat and dusty conditions, like the coastal regions. 


At Marenal you will enjoy comfortable living conditions all year round.

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There are many reasons for investing and living in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is famous for its diversity, from beaches on two oceans to the hill country and mountains forming the spine of Costa Rica, and Lake Arenal, the largest in the country, in the north-central area  

This area has many natural attractions, from boating and fishing, hiking and biking, bird watching and horseback riding to visiting our nearby therapeutic hot springs.


The convenience of a large city, complete with contemporary and diverse shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and museums, can be found three hours away in San Jose.  Read more….