First, a Little History


My name is Franz Meier, a native of Munich Germany, and a citizen of the United States. More than 20 years ago, I purchased a home here and a little farm on National Road 143 overlooking beautiful Lake Arenal, which I call Finca Marenal. 


My decision to live full-time in Costa Rica and to develop Marenal into a sustainable community became my mission. However, circumstances beyond my control delayed my plan. But now the time has now come to share the vision and ownership of this beautiful property and all its exciting potential with like-minded people.


Please review this website carefully and if you believe that our concept could be right for you, please get in touch with us through our contact page. 

Here is to Peace and Liberty,  

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Our Vision for Marenal 


The current turmoil in the world due to the pandemic and the out-of-balance economic situation in every country makes independent and sustainable living just that much more desirable. That is why the Marenal Community will provide its own sources of nourishment, recreation, education, and economic opportunities. Marenal will be a co-owned community with very limited membership.


Our development will be an Organic Farming Community. Its purpose is to be a planned socially cohesive residential Community, grounded in a common social and economic vision of the libertarian principles of non-violence, personal liberty, and free trade. We will be creating a Community that can build life-enhancing and enduring relationships between its people and the land, all of which will benefit both the Community and the local economy.


Our Philosophy


  • Increase biodiversity and regenerate native ecosystems

  • Grow our Community food through organic permaculture and aquaculture

  • Utilize green building technologies

  • Use renewable energy whenever possible and move towards total energy independence

  • Develop waste as a valuable resource.

  • Protect our sources and cycles of water


  • Cultivate social entrepreneurship to create sustainable solutions

  • Invest in education, fair trade, and ethical exchange of products and knowledge

  • Encourage participation in local economies and communities

  • Support and strengthen the concepts of work, progress, and wealth creation


  • Establish a participatory Community with common sense rules and regulations

  • Build a thriving and diversified community

  • Create fair and effective leadership

  • Cultivate responsible, inclusive, and transparent decision making

  • Practice conflict resolution, communication, and peacebuilding skills

  • Protect each individual's right to self-determination and decision making


  • Engage actively in the protection of nature and our Community

  • Respect cultural traditions and history

  • Celebrate life through the arts and local activities

  • Nurture mindfulness of our differences and support human dignity 

  • Connect with a higher purpose in life


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If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us.