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A Sustainable Development on Lake Arenal, Costa Rica


Welcome to Marenal



Thank you for your interest in our development. We have much to offer to a future resident.


Maybe you decided to contact us because you liked our vision and mission for Marenal, or because you have learned about Costa Rica in general and the stunningly beautiful area of Lake Arenal.


Or, maybe you contacted us because you are concerned about the economic and political climate in your home country and are looking for a different lifestyle, one that provides freedom, security, and affordable sustenance.

A lifestyle where you can enjoy living in a community of ecological, economic and cultural sustainability and where you can associate with people of various backgrounds dedicated to the common good.


We are not your typical large developer who only cares about sales, nor are we property owners who are happy to sell a lot to anyone and walk away. We are a group of residents who want to create a community where people can live in freedom and security because we recognize that these two values are essential to a happy human life.


If those are part of your reasons, then you have made a wise choice.



Background and Objectives



The 22.4 ha (55 ac) property is owned by Marenal FGK, S.A.

Franz X. Meier and his operating partners are the current shareholders.


Our Vision is to see the land developed into an ecologically sensitive, interactive and profitable “Sustainable Community” that may be shared with likeminded property owners.


Our Goal and Mission is for Marenal to become an economic catalyst for the San Antonio Community and the region of Nuevo Arenal.




 The Marenal Development



1. The Residential Properties


There are only ten (10) residential lots in the community! 

All have access to Highway 143, a national road between Nuevo Arenal and San Rafael de Guatuso.


Five (5) lots are located above commercial lot #2. They are numbered R-1 to R-5       


The remaining five (5) lots are north of commercial lot #4. They are numbered R-6 to R-10



The Residences

The Home designs are by Javier Ruiz, a prominent local architect, and partner. All homes feature energy-saving construction, LED lighting and solar panels.


The homes will be constructed under the supervision of Marenal MDO S.A., our operating and management company. It will ensure that all homes meet our exacting quality standards. It will also reduce the risks and problems for newcomers to Costa Rica often associated with having to build in an unfamiliar environment of rules and legal conditions. Other advantages are cost and time savings, better quality and peace of mind for our new residents.


The prices for the homes will depend on the model and the options chosen by the purchaser. The contract price will be quoted by Javier Ruiz and payment will be made to Marenal MDO S.A.


Please note: Each lot purchaser may choose his own architect and construction company if the design is compatible with our design objectives. Each Purchaser of a Lot is required to have the construction of a home started within 24 months of the lot purchase.



2. The Commercial Properties


There are five (5) Commercial Properties, marked C-1. C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, and a lot on which the community well and the water tank are located. 


Commercial Lot C-1 is a 2,506 sqm lot with a 2-bedroom, 2-bath residence, and a detached garage. It may become the Administrative Center for the Community or the farm.


Commercial Lot C-2 is an 8,596 sqm lot. It is intended for a desirable Marenal Community Club. It shall offer conference rooms, pool and exercise facilities and a restaurant featuring farm to table fare. It may have a limited number of guest rooms.


Commercial Lot C-3 is appx. 8,004 sqm. It’s intended best use is for intern and employee

housing or for additional accommodations of the Marenal Community Club.


Commercial Lot C-4 is appx. 5,206 sqm. It is envisioned to be a future Convenience Store and Café.


Commercial Lot C-5 is appx. 17,033 sqm. Its desired use is for a Wellness Center and Medical Facility to serve the community and its neighbors. Medical tourism is a fast-growing segment of healthcare and the Wellness Center is an exceptional location for holistic services, recovery, and healing.


The Community Well Lot is approximately 600 sqm.


All lot sizes are subject to final review by our topographer, Alexander Araya.

shutterstock_25022926Arenal Volcao.jpg

Note: Management and maintenance services for the residential lots and the commercial properties will be provided by Marenal MDO S.A., an affiliated entity. This company is also responsible for supervising all infra-structure and vertical construction.


3. FINCA MARENAL is the Community Farm.


Finca Marenal shall be operated by Marenal MDO S.A. under a contract with Marenal FGK S.A. The owners of Marenal FGK will be responsible for the cost of improvements and the operating expenses of the farm. We expect the farm to be self-supporting after two years and profitable after four years.


In the future, the farm may become a residential condominium community. It could provide space for an additional 15 residential homes.


Finca Marenal covers approximately 134,000sqm (33 acres) of pasture, forest and farmland. The farm's size may be increased to 227,000 sqm (57 acres) if our options to purchase the adjoining property is exercised.

The Development Plan



Finca Marenal covers approximately 134,000 sqm (33 acres) of pasture, forest and farmland. The farm’s size may be increased to 227,000 sqm (57 acres) if our option to purchase the adjoining property is exercised.

The Marenal development property contains approximately 9.0 hectares which are fronting public roads. They are divided into the development parcels. See lot plan  Appendix #1


The other 13.4 hectares (22.7 ha if the option is exercised) are going to be used as an organic farm called Finca Marenal. The farm will be continually improved and funded by Marenal FGK to become a farm enterprise as described on our website. We expect the farm to be self-sustaining after two years and profitable after four years. The company may offer farm memberships to its residents and the local community at large. In future years, Finca Marenal may be developed into a residential community.  

Phase One


Phase One consists of approximately 3.5 hectares (14 acres) containing the following Lots: R-1 through R 5 and C-1, C-2 and C-3.


This section will be heart of the development. All lots have superb views of the Arenal Lake and the Volcano. It is the location of the proposed Community Club and will have several small rental cottages.


Water and Electric services are on site.


The installation of fiber-optic high-speed internet connections is underway. Each lot will be served by a connection.


Based on price comparisons and appraisal estimates, values for residential and commercial lots with water and power available, are ranging from $18.00 to $28.00 per square meter.    Our average selling price per square meter is $20.00 before any discounts.


A 20% discount is offered on the first four lots sold during the first phase.


Unless you are familiar with Costa Rica and have lived here on a part- or full-time basis, we recognize that a commitment to invest here without knowing your way around can be risky. That is why we are offering two investment options!


Option I: Outright Lot Purchase. Seller financing may be available. Inquire.


Option II: “Conditional Lot Purchase”. At the signing of the contract, the Purchaser pays to Marenal FGK S.A. the negotiated purchase price and receives title to the lot, which shall be held in escrow. The Purchaser will then have up to 18 months to accept the property for the negotiated price and receive the escrowed Title, or to give us written notice to cancel the “Conditional Purchase Contract”. We will then return Purchaser’s payment within six months from cancellation.


Note: This option has many advantages, which will be explained in detail when the purchaser reserves a lot. It is a safe, limited horizon investment protected by the title and the assets of Marenal FGK. It is especially advantageous due to the new tax laws introduced in Costa Rica this year.

Confidential PRICE LIST effective July 2019




R-1       2,768 sqm (.68 ac)  @$18      $50,000

R-2       3,984 sqm (.98 ac)  @$18      $67,000

R-3       3,039 sqm (.75 ac)  @$22      $67,000

R-4       3,024 sqm (.75 ac)  @$23      $69,000

R-5       3,207 sqm (.80 ac)  @$21      $67,000

C-1       2,506 sqm (.62 ac) @$20       $250,000

              (incl. house after renovation) 

C-2       8,596 sqm (2.12 ac) @$18     $155,000

C-3       8,004 sqm (1.98 ac) @$8        $64,000

A 20% discount applies to the first four lots selected, excluding C-1

sunset CR.JPG

Please let us know as early as possible when you would like to visit us. We will pay for your accommodations in one of several nearby Bed & Breakfast hotels.


When you contact us, we will advise you which properties are available and if you are one of the first four purchasers that qualify for our discount.


We believe that this opportunity will not be around for long. So please make your move now!


Our long-term objective is to create value and provide a safe investment for our co-owners.  We believe Marenal is such a project!


Once you have decided to invest in Marenal you can look forward to an easy transition to Nuevo Arenal and your new property.


Our local team is dedicated to making your move as easy as possible. We are here to help you with setting up banking relations, dealing with permits, acquainting you with our local laws and even obtaining permanent residency.


We thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you soon as a new member of our Marenal Community. 


The Marenal Team


The Marenal project is managed by the Marenal Team.  

Its members are:


Ariana Ugalde Porras - Property Manager,

Javier Ruiz Dias – Architect and Construction Supervisor,

Rolbert Ugalde Porras – Farm Manager 

Franz X. Meier – Consultant and Financial Manager. 


Please see our website for more biographical information.


Our local attorney, Lic. Gonzalo Murillo Alvarez will handle all property transfers.


The accounting firm, Despacho Gomez y Asociados S.A. and our CPA Giovanni Gomez Carranza, located in Tilaran, the County and Municipal Seat, will provide unaudited financial reports on a regular basis.


Important Disclaimer. Please Note: The above presentations are not to be construed as legal, tax, accounting or investment advice and the purchaser of the property from Marenal FGK S.A. should consult his own advisors before investing. We reserve the right to change prices and conditions at any time.

Appendix #1


Click to download Appendix # 2

2019 July Business Plan Proforma

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