Finca Marenal 

 Finca Marenal 

 Finca Marenal 

View of Lake Arenal from Finca Marenal 

Riding with Rolbert on the cattle farm

The town of Nuevo Arenal is conveniently located

Beautiful beaches are just a few hours drive away

Fishing on the Lake

Nature's paradise is everywhere you look!

The local people are the greatest reason to be in Costa Rica!

Fried Plantains are one of the local specialties

Orchards and cattle on Finca Marenal

Orchards and cattle on Finca Marenal

A visit to the near by hot springs is worth the trip to Costa Rica!

Organic Farm 

View of the Arenal Volcano

Beautiful flowers are everywhere!

View of Lake Arenal from our other property , Hacienda Los Piratas

Development of Marenal

Trail and farm road construction

Digging trench for residential water lines

Northern entrance of Finca Marenal

Bougainvillea on Finca Marenal

Cattle on Finca Marenal

Renovation of Manager's Cottage and Office

Sunset on Lake Arenal