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Our Philosophy


  • Increase biodiversity and regenerate native ecosystems

  • Grow plant and animal food through organic permaculture and aquaculture

  • Innovate and utilize green building technologies

  • Use renewable energy whenever possible and move towards total energy independence

  • Develop waste as a valuable resource and replenish sources and cycles of water


  • Cultivate social entrepreneurship to create sustainable solutions

  • Invest in education, fair trade, and ethical exchange of products and knowledge

  • Encourage participation in local economies and communities

  • Support and strengthen the concepts of work, progress, and wealth creation


  • Build a thriving and diversified community

  • Cultivate responsible, inclusive, and transparent decision making

  • Develop fair and effective leadership

  • Establish a participatory community with common sense rules and regulations

  • Practice conflict resolution, communication, and peacebuilding skills

  • Ensure equal and lifelong access to physical and mental nourishment through farming and holistic education

  • Protect each individual's right to self-determination and decision making


  • Engage actively in the protection of nature and our Community

  • Embrace a low impact lifestyle and reconnect to nature

  • Respect cultural traditions and celebrate life through the arts and local activities

  • Nurture mindfulness of our differences and support human dignity 

  • Connect with a higher purpose in life

If our Marenal Philosophy is compatible with yours,

we will be honored to invite you to discuss more details.

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