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Our Vision for Marenal


Some years ago, I began to plan an ecologically sensitive, interactive and profitable “Sustainable Community" for people with a love for liberty and personal responsibility.


I wanted to create a Community that can build life-enhancing and enduring relationships between its people and the land, which will benefit both the community and the local economy.


Marenal would provide its own sources of energy, nourishment, recreation, education and economic opportunities as much as possible.


Due to personal reasons and other business events, I was not able to commence the project in 2013 as originally planned, despite having had received all required government approvals.


Since then, my concept has matured and is still alive today! As a matter of fact, now is a better time than ever to consider Marenal for your future home and to become a Community partner. The current turmoil in the world and the out of balance economic situation on every continent makes independent and sustainable living just that much more desirable.


Although I do not like to admit it, the seven lost years have taken its toll. I now realize that my time has come to pay more attention to family and other past times. For this reason, and the recently passed national and municipal rules and regulations for real estate developments, as well as the increased reporting obligations for foreign investors under the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), made revisions to the development plan necessary.

Under the revised plan, I will share the assets of Marenal with a limited number of investors. I will remain an equal partner.


Now one can become not only a resident of the Community, but also an owner of the development, participating in its growing value!


We are now offering three investment options based on availabiltiy:


  1. "The good option"         Investment Partner

         Purchase a partnership interest (4 shares) in Marenal and participate in the

         value growth as a voting member of the company.


     2. "The better option"       Conditional Resident Partner

          Purchase your partnership interest (4 shares) in Marenal and reserve one

          of the available registered lots at the current price for up to one year with a       

          refundable 20% downpayment. You will be a voting member of the company

          and have one year to decide if you want to become a Resident Partner

     3.  "The best option"          Resident Partner

           Purchase your partnership interest (4 shares) in Marenal and purchase an

           available registered lot at a discount with the obligation to start construction

           of a residence within 6 months of the closing.

           NOTE:  Seller financing of the shares may be available


As you may imagine, a newcomer to the country has many questions and concerns. Just finding your way around in a new country and its unfamiliar environment, especially if one does not speak the language, can be a daunting task.


We are here to help you in setting up banking relations, recommending architects and contractors, assist you in getting construction permits and becoming familiar with local laws and customs, or obtaining Costa Rican residency. In short, we make it easy for you to integrate into the country and the local community.


If this appeals to you and you are interested in becoming a member 

of the Marenal Community, I urge you to fill out our contact page NOW

and claim your place on our reservation list!

Due to the very limited number of partnership interests, we will respond to you

in the order your contact information is received. At that time, will provide all

the necessary details.


Here are parts of our development plan for Marenal:

All residential and commercial lots have been mapped and recorded in the National Registry and will be titled when reserved by the purchaser.


Water is available from our own well. Power and Fiber-optic high-speed internet is provided for all lots by ICE, the national electric and phone service. Off grid options are being developed. Black and grey water disposal is via individual septic tank.


Commercial Options for Marenal


In addition to the residential parcels, the following uses for our commercial lots have been proposed:


A Community Club could become the social hub of the area.

It could feature conference rooms, exercise facilities, and a restaurant serving organic foods from the farm.


A Community Store and Café with a wonderful view of the Lake and the Volcano could be an attractive enterprise and would serve the local community and tourism.


A Wellness Center that offers 24-hour emergency care, dental and cosmetic services, and health recovery and holistic experiences would attract many medical tourists and area residents.

These services would be a great addition to the local healthcare facilities and are very much needed in the region!


An Organic Farm will thrive in this climate with its year-round growing season.

Finca Marenal is a perfect property for permaculture and aquaponic growing methods.

Organic vegetables and fruits can be grown, and a medicinal herb garden and a flower and tree nursery will be established. Native and approved imported trees shall be planted as part of a reforestation program. 

There is enough land to raise farm animals and our ponds will be stocked with edible fish species.


The farm will nourish our residents and can sell its excess products directly to the community and at farmer's markets.

If you are serious about making a lifestyle change, don’t wait and procrastinate! Fill out our contact form today!


You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you must act now.​ 

We will respond as quickly as possible.


Please remember: This is a “one of a kind” opportunity

that will not be around for long!

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