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What makes Marenal different from similar developments

is our community concept.


It requires that our community members identify with our motto

“For Liberty – Against Violence – For Pura Vida”.


“For Liberty” stands for the right of any individual to always make their own decisions about their life, if they do not deliberately hurt man or animal.


“Against Violence” means the rejection of any war and any deliberate physical harm from any source, unless it is for the defense of one’s life and family.


“For Pura Vida” represents simply the enjoyment of a happy life provided by a positive relationship between neighbors, friends, family and the land.


However, as Calvin Coolidge once said…and I am paraphrasing…

“Liberty is not collective. It is personal, as all true Liberty is.”

View from mid section of Finca Marenal.JPG

Vision and Mission

For many years it has been my plan to create an ecologically sensitive, interactive, and profitable “Sustainable Community.

I envision a community…...

  • that attracts like-minded residents who want to build life-enhancing and enduring        relationships between the community members and the land,

  • that can provide its own sources of energy, nourishment, recreation, and economic opportunities,

  • that will support free markets, personal liberty, and is independent from government as much as possible,

  • that could benefit the members personally by investing in the assets of the community,

  • a community that is involved in and respected by the local residents, and where its members are sharing their talents with the younger generation.

Why is community so important?


  • The community allows members to easily create friendships and connections that will enhance the social fabric of the community. 

  • Our members' life experiences and ideas can and will make positive contributions to the overall success of the community.       

  • The sharing of common expenses and other community matters will lower the cost of maintaining the property.


  • The voluntary pooling of intellectual resources has proven to be a successful model in eco-communities worldwide.

How will the community operate?


When all ten of the Phase One properties are sold, the owners can form an Owner’s Association and a Board of Directors, which will then assume the management of the community.


All matters of maintenance, security, and the enforcement of our simple rules and regulations, will then become the responsibility of the Association.

The current Community rules and regulations will have been voluntarily accepted by each member when the property is purchased.

If the members (lot owners) do not wish to accept this management responsibility, then the current owner and his management team will continue to manage the property and continue to charge the members the cost of operation plus a small management fee of 15%.  The property manager shall be responsible for the maintenance of all common areas and the security features of the property.


Marenal will provide standard house plans that can be modified to the specifications of the owner, as long as they include the energy-saving features of our plans. Marenal has a qualified and licensed architect and construction manager that we can recommend.


All house plans, as well as position on the lot, must be approved by Marenal before construction can begin.

Marenal 6.jpg

What are the objectives of our Community?


  • Our main goal is to have a high-quality Community with the lowest occupation and maintenance expenses possible.  


  • We want to create energy independence  for electricity and hot water. We will be grid-tied to the local ICE power company for emergency use.


  • We have placed all power lines and communication cables underground for a better presentation of the properties.


  • We shall use AC or dehumidifiers to control the comfort level of the home interior.


  • We employ effective control of rainwater runoff and wastewater.


  • We feature electronic security of our entry gates and the property perimeter.  


  • We can grow and provide safe and organic foods on the property for our residents and for sale to other consumers.


  • We will have nature trails in Finca Marenal for use by our members and are considering other recreational features based on the desires and support of the members.


  • We are considering other health and educational installations on our commercial lots if they are supported by the members.


  • We want to build a thriving and diversified community through transparent

         and responsible decision-making.


  • We respect our individual differences and will benefit from local traditions.


“We are building a diversified Community that will give back more 

to its members than an individual person or family can achieve!”

To see if your desires match our philosophy,

and you would like to apply for a residence in Marenal,  please contact us.

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